Mountain Days Festival

2010 Mountain Days Festival Update

 Due to the anticipated lack of funds we have made the very difficult but necessary decision not to have the 2010 Mountain Days Festival.

 The Mountain Days Festival was brought to life and has survived over the years because of the monetary and in-kind contributions from our very loyal and generous volunteers and sponsors.  Unfortunately most of our monetary contributors are feeling the constraints and pressures that our current economical environment has imposed upon them resulting in contributions being lowered or in some cases cut out all together. 

 We are sure this news is going to make you a little heavy hearted like it has us but our team spirit is strong and can not be shaken.  So we are asking you to stand steadfast with us and hold onto the hope of a better and brighter year next year.

 We are going to plan some fundraising events to be held in the fall that will help offset expenses for next year’s event. We are open to any suggestions or ideas you may have to accomplish this goal.

 The lack of enough money may delay our festival till next year and sadden our hearts but the Spirit of the Appalachian People is as strong and proud as it ever was.  It will carry us all the way through to next year. So mark your calendars for the third week end in August (20th and 21st), 2011 for Mountain Days Festival.



                                                            With Appalachian Pride,

                                                            Lela Estes, President, Our Common Heritage

                                                            Thomas Ritchie Sr, Vice-President, Our Common Heritage




The Mountain Days Festival is a two day celebration of the culture and heritage of the Appalachian people. The event is celebrating its 23rd year at the Eastwood Five Rivers Metro Park.

The Festival will take place on Saturday, August 15 from 11:00am - 7:00pm and on Sunday, August 16 from 11:00am - 6:00pm. Admission is only $7.00 per person with free parking. For more information call 937-781-0663 or visit    Also:    Or

At Eastwood Metropark      (Festival Layout Map and Directions) 

(Rt. 4 at Harshman Road near Eastwood Lake / Hydrobowl)

 Admission $7.00, FREE PARKING



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Our Common Heritage

Our Common Heritage, founded in 1972, is an organization that promotes a strong voice for dignity and equitable treatment for the Appalachian population in the greater Dayton area. (Contact us at:  Our Common Heritage, P.O. Box 864, Dayton, Ohio, 45401.     Phone (937) 781-0663)

Watch our monthly show  on DATV - Appalachian Crossroads: Our Common Heritage

We offer the people of this area an opportunity to meet others from Appalachia. We have long needed an agency to promote our heritage and to maintain cultural interest in our common background. It is a way for us to have representation in community matters. It is a way for us to help newcomers feel welcome and to find good jobs and good places to live.

Our organization, in which we hope you will decide to become a part after attending the Mountain Days Festival, fulfills the need to keep the Appalachian community together. It helps get the community to socialize and be proud, but most importantly, we want to have fun doing it.



 Appalachian music plays an important part in the “neighborliness” feeling that our people have for one another and to visitors in the region. We come together to play during such occasions as a barn raising, harvest celebration or backyard reunion.

Instruments you could carry to the front or back porch, out to the old swing or under the tree suited their needs and became a standard in selecting their music accompaniment. “Front porch pickin’” was a way of uplifting ourselves from our economic strife and/or displaced feelings through movement from the hills.

The “Our Common Heritage Society” would like to extend our appreciation to the musical groups who will be performing at the 2005 Mountain Days Festival.


The Mountain Days Festival Planning Committee welcomes you to this year’s celebration of Appalachian Culture. The festival has grown by leaps and bounds in the number of attractions and visitors since we started in the early 1980’s.

Four huge performing stages will highlight various areas of the park. One stage will showcase country music, another will provide bluegrass music enjoyment, and the third and fourth will give visitors a sampling of Clog Dancing and great traditional arts that are derived from the mountains of Appalachia.

Oh, we haven’t forgotten the great food of the region, which will be available to satisfy every taste. We are also excited to offer our children’s area, which is educational and entertaining for everyone.

A favorite part of our festival is the campsite of the Buckskinners. These are people who practice the life of the true mountaineer. See how they put up their encampment site, taste the life of living off the land, and hear their stories of days long past. Even children of all ages will learn many exciting things from our mountaineers.

Arts and Crafts is an area which has also grown tremendously. We have everything from the very traditional to the most entertaining of today’s favorites.


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Sponsored By: Our Common Heritage, Inc., 

P.O. Box 864, Dayton, Ohio 45401, (937)781-0663

"Serving the Appalachian Community with pride and dignity..."



Our Common Heritage


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AFSCME, Ohio Council 8, DPSU, Local 101, Thomas Ritchie, Sr., Regional Director

Next Years Mountain Days Festival: August 21 & 22, 2010

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